Yona Fisher,
Former Chief Curator, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem Museums, and Art Historian

Daphna Arod is a painter who sees human beings from the inside out. 
Is she transferring her dreams to reality -
Or her reality into dreams -
Perhaps she is transferring our dreams into reality -
Maybe the people she paints
And the trees she paints
And the little children she paints
And the grass she paints
And the light she paints between the trees -
Do not exist - but for Daphna Arod's will to make them exist.
And perhaps today, when one cannot paint Madonnas anymore
When angels no longer appear in paintings
Or in any other place
Her angels are the only angels that can still be painted
We all know that the Messiah will not come -
We do know that real painting will return It just did.

Jehonathan Geffen,
Poet and Journalist in Ma'ariv

Daphna Arod is a friend of mine.
I know Daphna, who is her most beautiful painting.
Through her paintings we discover again and again, that after all, one 
does have to know how to draw and paint.
Like Andersen's child who has been saying for years "the king is naked," 
Daphna presents painting as it really should have been, as it was since
time immemorial.
In each of Daphna's paintings, (though we have never talked about it
explicitly) I am convinced a tale is hidden, and those are the only 
paintings I really relate to - those that are beyond form, those that have substance. 
Each of Daphna's paintings is beauty itself concealing a mysterious story.
I love Daphna's paintings.