Daphna Arod - A Poet & Painter

Daphna Arod was born in 1944 in Tel Aviv. She paints and writes poetry. Studied at the Tel-Aviv University and was among the founders of the "third Eye", a group of avanguard artists working in Israel in the late 60's till the middle 70's- making movies, art shows, presentations and bringing out magazines. Founded the "Binyamina Art Commune" and lived and worked with them, showing their art projects all over Israel.
Her works have been published in many newspapers and magazines, and have been shown on several national T.V. shows.
Evenings in her honor have been held on several occasions in "Habima" Heineken and "Maccabi Music Factory", with the participation of the best musicians in Israel, singing their music to her poetry, accompanied by exhibitions of her work, with live T.V. coverage.
Daphna Arod has exhibited her works in galleries in Israel, New York, Kansas City, Vancouver, Poland, and Greece. In 2001 she was invited to paint a 40 square meter painting (32.5ft.x13ft) for the Shanti homeless children foundation. This huge painting was shown at the United Nations building In New York with a Gala opening and in several places in Israel. In 2002 her work was shown at the "Sotheby's Gallery" on a continuous basis. In 2003 she was invited to participate in the "portraits of streets" that was shown on the Tel-Aviv municipal building. In 2004 participated in the "Utopia" art project of "beit-Hagefen" museum in Haifa, opened a one man show in "Soho" gallery in Tel-Aviv, and opened a one man show in Athens, Greece. In 2005 had a one man show in "The Golda Art center" and participated in the show "Lechayim" in Ramat-Gan museum. That same year she opened two shows in Gan-Shmuel Gallery and "Kanireh" in Zichron-Yaakov. At the beginning of 2006 her work was shown in the "Bialik" museum, Tel-Aviv, and in a show for the "Lea Rabin" memorial exhibition  .In 2007 opened a Show in "park Gallery" in Raaana, and participated in the show "Shkoofim" (transparent) in the Chanita museum, against abuse of children. In 2008 she was invited to participate in a national T.V. show concerning art and painting.
In 2009 opened a one man show in Museum "Chanita" in the north, and designed the highly acclaimed wedding hall "maagalim" which is showing a constant show of her paintings.

Over the years she has been teaching oil painting to many students, some of which have become painters in their own right.

Daphna Arod is living and working in Tel-Aviv.